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Silicone Stretch Lid

Категория продукта Silicone Stretch Lid, мы специализированные производители из Китая, Super Stretch Lids, Kitchen Silicone Stretch Lids поставщики / фабрики, оптовые продажи высокого качества продукты Silicone Cup Lid R & D и производство, мы имеем совершенный послепродажное обслуживание и техническую поддержку. Посмотрите вперед к вашему сотрудничеству!

Китай Silicone Stretch Lid Поставщики

Silicone Stretch Lid description:

Silicone Stretch Lid Set consists of the following sizes:

2.7 inch dia. lid will stretch to 3.5 inch dia.
- 3.7 inch dia. lid will stretch to 5 inch dia.
- 4.7 inch dia. Lid will stretch to 6 inch dia.
- 5.9 inch dia. Lid will stretch to 8 inch dia.
- 6.7 inch dia. lid will stretch to 9 inch dia.
- 8.3 inch dia. lid will stretch to 11 inch dia.
- The silicone stretch lids are not limited to only fit round items but can stretch to fit most other shapes.

Silicone Stretch Lid Product Feature and Fuction :

1.Reusable storage silicone stretch lids made from high quality, food grade amazing Creative silicone stretch lid

2.Use instead of plastic wrap to cover almost any dish, bowl or plate with a more secure cover.

3.Each set includes five different sizes, and with the combination, you will be able to cover things ranging from 2.75" - 10".

4.It doesn't matter if they are round, square, oblong or rectangle because the versatile design allows these lids to stretch to any shape and still provide an airtight seal.

5.Convenient tabs along the outside edge provide handles for easy placement, and the material remains non-slip on metal, glass, plastic and other surfaces, so once in place they will not slide or fall off. Save the second half of a soda for later on, or seal an open pet food can to use the next day.

Silicone Stretch Lid Pictures.

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